100% customised garments

Dye sublimation is growing more and more in popularity each year, and we’re now proud to be able to offer this method of garment customisation to our new & existing clients.

There are advantages to this process and many customers want to know more, so here’s a quick walk-through of how it works…


Our methods for garment customisation all starts on the screen. The big difference with our dye sublimated apparel is that the graphics are fitted to each individual piece of the garment. Every sleeve, collar, pocket and bodice gets imprinted with anything you can imagine. This means complete coverage, full colour, no restrictions with design. Individual names and numbers can also be added to your garments with just a few taps of the keyboard.


Once your custom design is locked in, each garment gets printed at full size on a large format digital printer. This printing process uses formulated sublimation inks that are jetted onto specially coated paper.


The freshly imprinted rolls of paper are unwound and fed into a rotary heat press. While this happens, rolls of fabric are unwound and joined with the paper as it feeds through. As the paper and fabric are pressurised and heated together, the dye-sub ink transfers from a solid state in to gas, bypassing the liquid state. This is the scientific meaning of “sublimation”. The gas will then dye the design in to the fabric. The dye is permanent and isn’t going to fade. There is also never any ink build up, so the fabric maintains its original texture and breathability.


Our shirts, for example, contain anywhere from 5-24 pieces each. Each is cut by hand, labelled and organized for sewing.


The last step is an entire process within itself. Each shirt goes through multiple steps and sewing machines before they are marked as complete. We then finish the garments with their own tag, pack them up and prepare the box(es) for shipping.